Azimuthal cable navigation system

This system was built to control HDD process with big depth and length. Working principle is based on measuring of gravity and magnetic field of the Earth using special sensors in the probe. All data goes by cable to the Interface module of the system for decoding. From module data goes to PC where it is calculating to define depth, probe position, angle etc.

Final information is assembling to convinient table and goes to Control Panel of Drillmaster.


  • Transmitter azimuth range with accuracy better than 0,1 о ;
  • Horizontal inclination angle measurement – 0,1 о ;
  • Drilling instrument position measurment – 0,1 о ;
  • Transmitter power supply measurment – 0,5 V;
  • Transmitter temperature measurement – 0,5 о С;
  • Refreshing data speed – 800 ms;
  • Clarification of the transmitter position with current frame;
  • AC Power supply 220V-50Hz or DC – 12V;
  • Working temperature range from -20 to +50 о C;

The calculation of the location of the drilling instrument under the ground determines relatively constant magnetic field produced by the current frame, or a permanent magnet. Non-magnetic drilling instrument is required.