Powered by the unique UIS portable hydraulic battery power pack, or by hydraulic foot or hand pump, the UIS Click Stick™ pipe breaking tool provides operatives with a fully automated, flexible, safe and controlled alternative to that of other vertically mounted 14lb hammers.

When working in close proximity to mains, UIS Click Stick™ is unbeatable as a fast, clean & simple to use solution. Easily operated at the flick of a switch, UIS Click Stick™ requires no extensive operator training and
greatly reduces the risk of injury or the possibility of damage to other utilities.

UIS are extremely proud to lead the market with this type of utility technology, making breakout operations far safer, cleaner and more cost efficient to complete.


  1. Designed for the application of breaking and cracking redundant metallic pipes in situ
  2. Mechanical alternative to manual hammers & podger bars
  3. Lightweight, portable and designed to address ergonomic constraints
  4. Controlled flexibility and manoeuvrability around other utilities and between excavations
  5. Operated by accurate solenoid remote control, Click Stick provides precise control over the force applied to break the main. Suitable for live insertions & sensitive areas where particular care is required
  6. Durable, robust and made to withstand harsh environments and conditions
  7. Simple installation (can be completed from outside the excavation)
  8. Ready to operate in under 2 minutes
  9. Removes the need to enter the excavation (using detachable handle)
  10. Reduces risk of operator impact and manual handling injuries
  11. Can be made to suit any project, deep or shallow excavations and interchangeable shafts


  • Standard model – 560mm in length (without handle attached) can break mains between 2” and 6”
  • Larger model can accommodate mains up to 8”
  • Bespoke models may be designed to meet clients specific requirements