With the UIS Power Handler™ excavator attachment, you are selecting the powerful all-in-one solution for pipe handling on a large scale like no other.

The unique design of the UIS Power Handler™ gives the operator total control of the pipe from the comfort of the excavator cab. With the capability to rotate the pipe 360° the UIS Power Handler™ offers control to the operator like no other product when handling pipes around site.

The UIS Power Handler™ removes the need for operatives to manually rotate or move pipes when being transported or manoeuvred around site, making it safer than any other method when it comes to Pipe Handling.


  • Connects to the most common excavator hitches
  • Safer and more efficient than using an excavator Bucket or sling
  • Removes operator risks, removes manual handling
  • All loading, manoeuvring operations controlled from the Excavator Cab
  • Can be used to align pipe / ducting in preparation for connections
  • Full 360° Rotation
  • Simple to use and low maintenance
  • Requires no increase in the footprint of trench size normally excavated
  • No additional Shim inserts required
  • Capable to withstand even the toughest pipe-laying / handling environments


  • 250mm – 500mm
  • 500mm – 900mm