We are authorized dealer of “UIS Power Push™” Excavator Attachment for safe insertion & feeding of P.E. pipes and cables A unique fast, safe and cost effective solution, UIS Power Push™ completely changes the way pipes and cables are handled throughout the utilities sector.

Power Push™ is easily attached to the excavator arm with minimal operator contact, removing the risk of injuries which may occur during manual projects. Once attached, Power Push is fully operated and controlled from the safety of the excavator cab.

The Power Push™ excavator attachment is compatible for use with the majority of excavators from 1.5T up to 25T and can also be used for slip lining / manoeuvring & re-rounding PE pipe of diameters up to 630mm.


  • Quick and simple installation and mounting of attachment
  • Durable & robust, designed to withstand harsh environments and conditions
  • Faster, safer and more convenient way of carrying out live or dead insertion
  • Longer sections of pipe can be inserted in one excavation
  • Action can be reversed to pull back if case of obstruction, not possible with other insertion methods
  • Shim inserts are manufactured and tested for an extensive range of diameters from 50mm – 630mm, giving the best possible gripping and releasing system across the market even in wet conditions
  • Simple to operate – no extensive training or special labour required
  • Lightweight and compact design for ease of storage and transportation
  • Reduces manual handling for a safer, more compliant way of inserting PE Pipe


  • Up to 180mm
  • Up to 300mm
  • Up to 400mm
  • Up to 630mm
  • Up to 900mm